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25 years of experience and creativity in animation and special effects in Japan.

A word from the founders, legal information

A word from the founders of the 3D animation studio

Friends, colleagues and fans of animation,

AOKIstudio is celebrating 25 years of experience and creativity in the field of animation and special effects this year.
AOKIstudio was, 25 years ago, and remains today, one of the few foreign animation studios in Japan.
25 years of trust with our Japanese partners and customers, 25 years of working with talented artists from all over the world and Japanese producers who are in tune with market trends and demand.

Our ability to adapt, our curiosity and the particular importance we attach to artistic direction and the originality of our visual universes have led us to experiment and produce quality projects in a wide range of fields of 3D animation, from the original films dedicated to architectural visualisation and advertising to more recent projects such as art installations, smartphone applications, virtual reality, augmented reality and metaverse projects.
This capacity continues to enable us to respond to demands and needs in the face of new challenges and constantly evolving technologies.

We're grateful for every opportunity and every project we've done together.
Thank you to all those who have been part of this adventure, and let's continue together to experiment with new techniques and explore new artistic worlds.

With all our gratitude,
Makiko Aoki, Shigehiro Suwa, Bruno Pellier, Olivier and Christophe Defaye

Legal information

Company Profile

Trade Name: Aoki (public limited company)
Founded: 03-03-2015
Capital: 3 million yen
Revenue 2023: 200 million yen
Head Office: 4F Houei Building, 2-31-3 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Company Objectives: Production of films and computer graphics
President : Christophe Defaye

Company History

1998: Establishment of AOKIstudio (limited liability corporation) in Bordeaux, France.
2000: Creation of AOKIstudio subsidiary in Tokyo, Japan.
2002: Establishment of AOKIstudio (limited liability corporation) in Paris, France.
2005: Establishment of AOKIstudio (limited liability corporation) in Tokyo, Japan.
2006: Transformation in Japan of AOKIstudio (limited liability corporation) into AOKIstudio (public limited company).
2010: Creation of AOKIstudio (limited liability corporation) in Shanghai, China.

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